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“Blends an artful reconstruction of seventeenth-century Paris with riveting storytelling, presenting a contest between terror and surveillance that has strong contemporary resonances”

∼The New Yorker∼

“Spellbound by the City of Poison: Holly Tucker’s new book on 17th-century Paris”

∼Gordon O’Sullivan, Historic Novel Society∼

“ompletely absorbing.”


“The book reads like Law and Order: 17th Century Parisian Poisoners Unit.”

∼Kelly Faircloth, Jezebel∼

“a classic whodunit, bringing alive an extremely complicated and baffling series of events.”

∼Thad Cahart, Newsday∼

“Holly Tucker tells [this] story . . . with great gusto and with an amazing array of facts.”

∼Jonah Raskin, New York Journal of Books∼

“Vividly brings to life a slice of Parisian history in this rigorously researched true-crime epic…reads like a combination of the most compelling mystery fiction and Dumas’s romances of twisted court intrigues.”

∼Publisher’s Weekly∼
(Starred Review)

“Full of danger, mystery, and excitement, it will keep you up well into the night, marveling at this forgotten world of dark intrigue.”

∼Candice Millard∼
Author of Hero of the Empire

“stylish study of crimes committed by the high and mighty during the 72-year reign of the Sun King, Louis XIV.”

∼Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times∼

“Tucker’s vast body of research has been folded seamlessly into a book which is both engrossing and appalling. What unfolds is a tale of black masses, sacrificial slaughter and sacrileges beyond imagining.”

∼Sultana Bun, Bookwitty∼

“[City of Light, City of Poison] is excellent material for a romp… it is never less than gripping and enjoyable, animated by Tucker’s eye for detail and the gruesomeness of events.”

∼The Sunday Telegraph∼

“A genuinely illuminating study of a remarkably amoral moment in human history.”

∼Deborah Blum∼
Author of The Poisoner’s Handbook

“bewitching and chilling…reads like the most gripping thriller, thanks to Holly Tucker’s storytelling flair and relentless research.”

∼Adrienne Mayor∼
Author of The Poison King

“a compelling police procedural, unfolding at a moment when the process of modern police investigation was just being invented.”

∼Elizabeth C. Goldsmith∼
Author of The Kings’ Mistresses

“Imagine a novel full of sex and betrayal, conspiracy and politics, murder and magic, detective work and justice. Holly Tucker has written one—except this isn’t fiction: it just reads like it.”

∼Malcolm Gaskill∼
Author of Witchfinders

“Ingenious, engaging, and disquieting. . . . Tucker masterfully narrates a rich tale about the competing passions of faith, politics, and knowledge.”

∼Boston Globe∼

“Tucker’s sleuthing adds drama to an utterly compelling picture of Europe at the moment when modern science was being shaped.”

∼Publishers Weekly∼
(Starred Review)

“Multilayered and engrossing . . . a riveting story.”

∼Seattle Times∼

“Blood Work is fascinating and richly-researched, giving us a gory glimpse of the dawn of our scientific age.”

∼Carl Zimmer∼
Author of Soul Made Flesh: The Discovery of the Brain and How It Changed the World

“Smart and addictive.”

∼Deborah Blum∼
Author of The Poisoner’s Handbook

“Blood Work is a magnificent story of the heady days when transfusions were first being performed. There is drama, intrigue, discovery and revelation in this tale and the writing is terrific.”

∼Abraham Verghese∼
Author of Cutting for Stone

“Captivating, enlightening . . . A treat: a solid dose of learning in a novelistic package, where a lesser writer might have presented only a dry account of some curious medical “

∼Paul Di Filippo∼
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